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Report a Found Dog/Cat

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2017 10:47AM PDT
On a Mobile Device
  1. Tap Report! in the bottom middle of the screen
  2. Click Found
  3. Click Okay to upload a photo from your device or to take a new photo
  4. To upload an existing photo, click on the photo boxes (bottom right)
  5. To take a new photo, use the Bark Button (bottom left) to get the dog's/cat's attention, click the Photo Button. Make sure to focus on the animal's face
  6. To retake the photo, click Back in the top left corner

On the Web
  1. Click Report! in the top middle of the screen
  2. Click Found
  3. Click on the Choose File button to navigate to an existing photo

The following steps are the same on mobile devices and the web
Adjust the photo
  1. Click on the photo to move it so that the eyes are lined up with the line across 
  2. Click Next in the top right corner, the photo will then be scanned

  1. Identify the location the animal was lost from by clicking on or touching the Pin to move it
  2. Use the + and / or - zoom controls in the bottom right to see more or less of the map
  3. Click on or touch any part of the map to move it to a different location to view
  4. Click Next in the top right hand corner

Enter details
  1. Pet Type: Select the type of animal you have found
  2. Email Address: Your email address will default based on your username for your account - change this if needed
  3. Date you lost this pet: Enter the actual date the dog/cat went missing - click/tab to change
  4. About: Enter any additional information that will help (distinguishing features, gender, collar description, temperament, date/time found, etc.)
  5. Click Done in the top right corner, the photo will be auto scanned

  1. Based on a scan of the photo, Possible Matches posted by other Finding Rover members in the area will display

  1. If a lost report is located that could be the same dog/cat, click on the photo of the Possible Match to open the profile
  2. Click Match? to link the records together FIRST
  3. Click Create Match (this will now show on your Home page)
  4. The Possible Match record will display at the bottom of the screen (scroll down)
  5. This will display the Possible Match record on the possible owners Home page that they will see the next time they access their account

Make Contact

We recommend that both methods of connecting are used
  1. Click Email to contact through YOUR email service (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)
  2. Enter a message in the Message box at the bottom and click/tap Send
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